Best Smoker Boxes For Gas Grills in 2021 Reviewed

With the availability of so many different smoker boxes, the consumer might be tempted to just grab the first one they see or the cheapest one that they find. Unfortunately, that would be a terrible mistake. Although there is a large variety of different smoke boxes available, not all of them are equal. There are good ones, not so good ones, and ones that are basically trash. We should know because we’ve spent a lot of time researching them. So much time, in fact, that we were able to pick out the best smoker boxes for gas grills currently available. Let’s take a quick peek at them.

Summary of the Best Smoker Boxes For Gas Grills

Editor’s Choice: Weber Universal Stainless-Steel Smoker Box

For people who are looking to add the best smoker box to their gas grill, we’ve decided to bring up this product for everyone’s consideration. This is a box that’s made by Weber and is designed to help people bring delicious smoke flavor to their gas grilled foods. This is a box that can be used with wood pellets or wood chips and does an amazing job of providing smoke. All the consumer has to decide is what type of wood chips/pellets they want to use with it.

This product is made out of durable stainless steel and is approximately 9.7-inches by 4.7-inches by 2-inches in size. This is just the right size for this box to be listed as a universal smoke box—meaning that it will fit just about any grill. And for the most part, that is the case, but there are exceptions that consumers might want to note. For example, this product will fit Weber Q 200/2000 Series or larger grills, but won’t fit their smaller grills. That’s something consumers should think about before purchasing one of these new smoke boxes.

It should also be mentioned that once the consumer has used this smokebox, it’s going to quickly lose its shiny stainless-steel look. It’s going to darken, but that is what happens with just about any stainless steel smoke box and is to be expected. It also should be mentioned that the price of this unit is a little bit more than some of the other smoke boxes that we’ve reviewed—not by a whole lot, but enough for the consumer to notice.

Keeping all of this firmly in our minds, we have to say that we think that this is a great steel smoke box. We like its hinged lid that has a large tab that allows the consumer to easily add wood chips to the unit when it’s being used.

– It has a universal design that allows it to fit most grills.
– It is made of high-quality materials.
– It does a great job of providing much-needed smoke.

– This unit costs more than some other smoke boxes.

Also Recommended: Cave Tools BBQ Grilling Wood Chip Box

The next smoker box for gas grills that we’d like to take a look at is this one from Cave Tools. At first glance, this model looks like just about any other smoker box, but on closer inspection, consumers should see pretty quickly the quality of this box and the features it has. We think that this is a grill that a lot of our readers going to appreciate and one that is going to provide many years of faithful service. Let’s examine this box a little bit closer so that all of our readers have a chance to determine if it’s right for them.

This product is approximately 9-inches by 3-inches by 1.5-inches, which is a little smaller than we would’ve liked but is still large enough to provide a good amount of smoke to any grill. Because it has a more compact size, it’s capable of fitting better than some other models and should fit just about any of the major grill brands—except for maybe extremely small grills. This product is also made out of high-quality stainless steel that is 25% thicker than previous versions of this model. That makes it more durable and prevents it from warping in the heat.

It should also be mentioned that this product also has quite a few nice features. For one, it has a hinged lid that makes it easier to load wood chips into and helps keep the consumer from having to fumble around with it too much when it’s hot, and two, wood chips don’t burn in this smoker box but instead smoke. No more flame-ups when using this product. It doesn’t catch fire because the bottom of this smoker box doesn’t have holes, so it can’t combust without direct flame access. The only way the chips would combust is if the grill is over 600-degrees. All of these points make this a great smoker box for just about anyone to consider.

– This product fits most gas grills.
– It’s extremely durable and well made.
– Wood chips burn slowly in it without catching fire.

– This smoke box is a little smaller than some others.

Also Consider: Char-Broil Cast-Iron Smoker Box

The last smoker box for gas grills on our list is this one from Char-Broil. This model is made from cast-iron, so the consumer knows that it’s going to last a long time. However, it also means that the consumer is going to have to take special care of it to prevent it from rusting. That means that it’s going to have to be properly cured and it’s going to have to be treated like one would treat a cast-iron skillet. And this level of care might be more than what some people want to put into a smoker box.

Another thing that concerned us was the size of this product. It was only 8.12-inches by 5.13-inches by 1.38-inches, which is smaller than some other boxes. Sure, that means that it will fit in a larger variety of different grills, but it also means that it doesn’t hold as many wood chips like some other models. It’s also worth noting that because this box is made of cast-iron, it’s a little heavier than some other comparable models.

As far as how this box works, we have no complaints. This product doesn’t have holes in the bottom of it and is made of thicker metal than most smoke boxes, so the wood chips aren’t going to combust. In fact, this product does an amazing job of providing an even supply of smoke.

It’s also amazing that this product costs as little as it does. At the time of this review, it was several dollars cheaper than some of the other models we’ve reviewed. That means that we can add great value to this product as well. This is a product that we know some of our readers are going to get love using.

– This product is durable and made of quality cast-iron.
– Wood chips won’t combust while using this product.
– This product is very affordable.

– It will rust if it’s not carefully cared for.
– It’s a little smaller than other smoker boxes.

A Beginner’s Guide To Smoker Boxes For Gas Grills

Now that we’ve covered some of the best smoker boxes for gas grills, we think we’re going to turn our attention to writing a guide on the subject. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do with this guide. We’re going to cover some of the basics that consumers should think about when purchasing a new smoker box for their grill and then show our readers some of the things that they’re going to need to consider before purchasing their next model. Now that we’ve laid the groundwork for this guide, let’s get on with it and begin with a basic buying guide before we move on from there. 

A Guide To Buying Smoker Boxes

This first section isn’t going to be too long because there’s not a whole lot of things that the consumer is going to need to consider before they make a purchase. It basically comes down to construct, design, and size. 

How Is The Smoker Box Constructed?

The first thing that the consumer is going to want to think about is how the smoker box is constructed. As a general rule, the consumer is going to want to make sure that their new smoker box is made out of either stainless-steel or cast-iron. Both of these materials hold up well to heat. When buying a stainless-steel model make sure that it’s thick enough to not warp, and when buying a cast-iron model, the consumer should be aware that it’s going to have to be kept oiled to prevent it from rusting when it’s not in use. 

How Is The Smoker Box Designed?

The next thing that the consumer is going to want to think about is how the smoker box is designed. The consumer is going to want to make sure that it has plenty of holes in the top of it to release smoke, but no holes in the bottom of it. Holes in the bottom of a smoke box can cause the wood pellets to ignite spontaneously. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the smoker box has a hinged lid so that it’s easier to open and fill. 

How Big Is The Smoker Box?

The last thing that the consumer is going to want to consider is the size of the smoker box. It should be large enough to hold enough wood chips for a grilling session, but not so large that it won’t fit in the user’s grill. Usually, something in the 8 to the 9-inch range is suitable for most people. 

How To Correctly Use A Smoker Box On A Gas Grill

Okay, the last section of this guide is going to concern itself with giving our readers the instructions they need to use their smoker boxes effectively. However, we would like to note that these are only general directions and that they might not apply to every smoker box. It’s still a good idea for the consumer to read and follow the particular instructions that came with their smoker box. 

Step One: Preheat The Grill

The first step in the process is to preheat the grill for about 15-minutes. When this is done, the consumer is going to want to set up their grill as they would for indirect cooking. 

Step Two: Load And Place The Box

The next thing the consumer should do is to load their smoker box with their favorite wood chips and make sure the lid is securely closed. When that’s done, place the smoker box on a burner that will be left on for the indirect cooking process. 

Step Three: Setup For Indirect Cooking

Once the smoker box starts to smoke, turn off all of the burners underneath where the food is going to be placed. The rest of the burners should be set somewhere in the 225-degree to 250-degree Fahrenheit temperature range. Some people like to raise the temperature a little bit higher than that in the 250-325 degree Fahrenheit range, but we prefer the 250-degree range for smoking our meats. 

Step Four: Add The Meat And Smoke Well

The last step in the process is to add the meat to the grill and close the lid. The consumer should make sure that they’re grilling or smoking their food long enough that it reaches the desired temperature. Different meats require different internal temperatures to be considered safe to eat, so the consumer should make sure that the meats have reached those temps. Now the consumer can pat themselves on the back and enjoy their nicely smoked meats. 

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