Best 2 Burner Gas Grills in 2021 Reviewed

2 burner gas grills are powerful tools that give the home BBQ chef the ability to cook food more quickly but are affordable enough that just about anyone can afford to buy one. Their dual burner design allows consumers to cook two foods at once, and do it without taking up a lot of space because most of these grills have a reduced footprint. This is probably why these grills have enjoyed an uptick in popularity over the last few years. We know that we couldn’t resist digging in and reviewing some of the models that would make it on the following list.

Summary of the Best 2 Burner Gas Grills

Editor’s Choice: Weber Spirit II E-210 LP Grill

The Weber Spirit II E-210 2-burner gas grill is not only a fine looking grill but it is also one that has many great features that are worth talking about. This model is approximately 57-inches high, 48-inches wide and 26-inches deep when it’s the lid is open, and it works with any twenty-pound liquid propane tank. This is a model that’s made with an open cart design that gives the consumer plenty of room to work with and helps them to keep all of their grilling tools within reach. It even has a side table with integrated hooks to hang thongs or other cooking utensils while grilling.

This model has two cooking grates that separately measure 10.16-inches by 17.5-inches and have a combined measurement of 20.32-inches by 17.5-inches. That gives the consumer a primary cooking space of approximately 360 square inches. It’s also equipped with a warming rack that can be used to keep already cooked food warm or to warm up burger bungs. This warming rack provides the consumer with an additional 90 square inches of space.

Because Weber is fluent in the design of grills, they’ve also added a feature called Flavorizer Bars to this grill. These bars are designed to catch drippings and to sizzle them so they create smoke that can be used to add flavor to cooking food. Any drippings that aren’t vaporized don’t muck up the bottom of the grill, however. No, they end up going down the grill’s grease management system for easy cleanup by the user.

We also liked the fact that this grill uses 2-sided porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates that can be used in different ways for different foods. The thin side can be used for cooking seafood, while the wide side can be used for creating a thick sear on chops, steaks, or burgers. Other features that can be found on this model include an Infinity Ignition System that lights the burner every single time and burner tubes that provide consistent gas flow. All of these features work well and are backed by Weber’s impressive 10-year warranty. All of these features make this one of the best 2-burner gas grills available for purchase.

– It’s well-built from the ground-up.
– Has 26,500 BTU/Hr of heat input.
– It has 360 square-inches of primary cook space.

– None.

Also Recommended: Char-Broil 2-Burner LP Gas Grill

Upon first inspection, this 2-burner gas grill looks like a very basic LP grill, and for the most part that’s what it is. This model doesn’t have many of the advanced features that other gas grills might have, but once a person starts using it, we don’t think that will matter too much. That’s because what this grill lacks in features it more than makes up for in performance. This grill does an excellent job of grilling just about anything that’s used on it. Allow us to take you on a trip through some of its features to see if it’s a grill that’s right for you.

This model features a 2-burner cabinet gas grill that can deliver up to 24,000 BTU/Hour of heat. It has a primary cooking area that features cast-iron grates and provides the consumer with 300 square-inches of primary cooking space. It also features a 100 square-inch swing-away rack that can be used as a warming rack and features porcelain-coated grates. Another feature that we liked is that it also had an electronic ignition system that provides fast and reliable startups every single time the consumer fires up the grill.

Once the consumer has assembled this grill, it’s approximately 24.5-inches deep, 42.9-inches wide, and 44-inches high. It weighs about 82-pounds and has casters on it that makes it easy for the consumer to move into its permanent location for grilling. It features a stainless steel lid and has stainless steel top ported burners for added reliability and corrosion-resistance.

For added prep space, this grill features metal side shelves that can be folded down when the consumer is done with them so that the grill can be easily stored for the winter. Additional features that can be found on this grill include a built-in lid thermometer, a cabinet design that keeps the propane tank hidden from view, a removable grease pan for easy cleanup, and locks on two casters that help to keep the grill from rolling away.

– This grill provides 24,000 BTU/Hr of heat input.
– This grill features 300 square-inches of cooking space.
– It’s a well-built model with cast-iron grates.

– It doesn’t have any advanced features.

Also Consider: Pit Boss Grills 200P Portable Grill

When many people think of 2-burner gas grills, they only think about full-size models. Few people give much thought to the idea that a portable gas grill could also fall into this category, so we decided it was a good idea to place one of the best portable models on our list. This is a portable gas grill that features a 430 stainless steel body and is approximately 23-inches wide, 16-inches high, and 19.5-inches deep.

It’s also a grill that weighs under 25-pounds, so the consumer can take it virtually anywhere quickly and easily And as promised, this grill is not only portable but also features two independently controlled burners. Burners that each provide 10,000 BTU of heat.

This model has a grate that’s made out of 304 stainless-steel and has a grid-construction. It also features folding legs and a latching hood that makes it easy to take to the beach, to tailgate parties, or a campsite as needed. And it hooks up easily to any 20-pound LP cylinder thanks to its connected gas hose.

Another thing that makes this a great grill is its reasonable price. Although this grill doesn’t provide the power or the cooking space that full-size grills, it’s low-price and portability makes it an attractive grill to some people. This is a grill that’s half the cost of the full-size grills, and as such, is one that some consumers might want to check out. All of these features come together to make this a great portable 2-burner gas grill that many consumers are going to enjoy using at home, or while they camping, or at the beach.

– This product is extremely portable.
– This grill does a great job of grilling food.

– Only has a total of 10,000 BTU/Hr per burner.

A Guide To 2-Burner Gas Grills

When we review grills, we try extremely hard to not only find out which ones are the best but we also try to find a variety of different models. We understand that not all people are alike or have the same needs when it comes to their grilling, so we try to list the best options for the types of grills we’re reviewing. And that’s exactly what we tried to do when we reviewed the best 2-burner gas grills. Hopefully, we were successful with our endeavor. 

Just in case we weren’t, however, we thought that it would be a good idea to write a guide on the subject of buying these gas grills. A guide that will help consumers think about their potential needs and help them come away with a better knowledge of the types of grills they’re looking to buy. This is a guide that we hope accomplishes all of those tasks and helps our readers find the 2-burner gas grill that’s right for their home. 

Step One: Choose A Grill Size

One of the first things that the consumer is probably going to want to figure out before they purchase a new 2-burner gas grill is the size that they’re going to need. As most people probably noticed from our reviews, these grills can range in size from small portable models to slightly larger models. Although many gas grills can be bought in sizes up to 43-inches or larger, most 2-burner grills are 26-inches in size or smaller. Portable models tend to have around 276 square-inches of cooking space, while some of the larger models have around 360 square-inches of cooking space. 

Step Two: Make Sure It Works With Your LP Canister

While the majority of gas grills use 20-pound LP canisters, some models use 1-pound canisters, and these two types of grills aren’t interchangeable. So if the consumer wants to use a 20-pound canister, then they’re going to have to make sure they buy a grill that’s compatible with 20-pound canisters. In some instances, the consumer can purchase an adapter kit that can allow a grill that uses a 20-pound canister to use a 1-pound canister, but that isn’t always the case. 

Step Three: Let’s Look At The Cooking Grates

Another thing that the consumer is going to want to look at when they’re considering a new 2-burner gas grill is the grates. High-quality models will generally use cast-iron grates. That’s because cast-iron does a great job of absorbing heat and dispersing it throughout the cooking process. This allows the grill to impart grill-marks on the meat that’s being cooked. 

Less expensive models will often use stainless-steel for their cooking grates. Stainless steel grates might not be as durable as desirable as cast-iron grates, but that doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily bad. They do tend to be lighter than cast-iron grates, so they’re often used in portable grill models. 

Step Four: Let’s Talk About BTUs

Another thing that the consumer needs to think about is the number of BTUs per burner that the grill can produce. The more BTUs that a grill consumes the higher the temperature it can provide. However, that also means that the grill will also consumer gas faster, so the consumer needs to keep that in mind. As a general rule, most consumers should look for grills that produce 10,000 BTUs or higher from each burner. 

Step Five: Electronic Ignition System

An electronic or electric ignition system can be a powerful tool that allows the consumer to start their grill more quickly and more easily. Grills that don’t have an ignition system require the consumer to use BBQ matches to light the grill and that can be dangerous. An ignition system allows the consumer to light the grill without worrying about getting burned. That’s why we think that any grill the consumer considers should be equipped with an ignition system.

Step Six: Additional Features To Consider

Okay, we’re almost done with this guide, we promise. Although we feel like we’ve covered the basics that the consumer should know when purchasing a 2-burner gas grill, there are a few other features that they might want to consider before laying down cold, hard cash. Below are some “optional” features that consumers might want to think about when choosing their next 2-burner gas grill. 

  • Under Cabinet Propane Storage
  • Side Shelves For Added Prep Space
  • A Built-In Temperature Gauge
  • Utensil Hooks
  • A Warming Rack 
  • Flavor Bars
  • Lockable Wheels And/Or Casters

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