Best Small Gas Grills in 2021 Reviewed

When people are looking for the best small gas grills, they’re often looking for products that have a grill space of 300 square-inches or smaller. That grill size is extremely portable and is often the perfect size for 1-2 people to make enough burgers, chops, steaks, or ribs to feed themselves. There are a variety of different models, some smaller than others, that we think that our readers will enjoy, so we decided to review them. Below are the small gas grills that we feel are the best ones for consumers to consider. Let’s take a look at them and see what features these grills have to offer.

Summary of the Best Small Gas Grills

Editor’s Choice: Char-Broil Classic 2-Burner LP Gas Grill

The product that we feel is the best small gas grill is this one from Char-Broil. This model is the Char-Broil Classic, and it’s a grill that’s perfect for 2-4 people. This is a grill that measures 16.9-inches by 26-inches by 17.7-inches and only weighs about 43-pounds. In our opinion, that makes this grill small enough to be portable but to provide a better cooking experience than portable grills.

What we mean by saying that it provides a better cooking experience is that it has legs that hold it up at perfect cooking height, while most portable grills need to be set on a separate counter or table. This grill also has wheels that allow it to be moved around so that it’s easy to place into position.

Once the consumer opens the lid to this grill, they’ll find out that it has a good amount of grilling space. It has porcelain-coated grates that provide the user with up to 280 square inches of cooking space, and it has two stainless-steel inline burners that provide the perfect cooking conditions. The cooking grate measures 20×14-inches—which just so happens to be the perfect size for cooking up to a dozen burgers at a time.

Another thing that we liked about this grill was that it had metal side shelves that were 12×13.5-inches and provides the consumer with plenty of space for storage or prep work. This grill is also very easy to use thanks to the two knobs that control each burner independently and it’s push-button Piezo ignition system that allows for quick and easy grill startups.

This grill connects easily to a 20-pound propane tank thanks to the include gas regulator and hose that comes with it. All things considered, we think that this grill has the features and power to revolutionize what people think about grills. After all, bigger is not always better.

– This model provides 280 square-inches of cooking space.
– It has metal side shelves for extra storage.
– It has a Piezo ignition system.

– None.

Also Recommended: Cuisinart Grillster Portable Propane Grill

Another grill that we like is this portable gas grill called the Cuisinart Grillster. This is a model that is only 19×11.5×10-inches and weighs approximately 10-pounds. It’s the sort of small gas grill that doesn’t have legs but instead has to be set on a solid surface in order to be used. That makes it portable, but it might mean that some people might not be able to put it where they want it without moving an outdoor table.

This grill has a nice enameled steel design that looks very nice and it has a curved handle that makes opening its little lid easy. Inside of the grill, the consumer will find approximately 146 square-inches of cooking space—which is large enough to grill about 6 burgers or so. That makes it the perfect size for 1-2 people and the perfect grill for tailgate parties, grilling in the park, or grilling outside an RV.

This grill provides up to 8,000 BTU/Hour of cooking power through its single burner. This grill has easy-to-use with a twist-ignition knob that allows for easy startups. And because the internal temperature of the grill can reach up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, this grill can cook just about anything from burgers and dogs to steaks and chops.

Another thing that we liked was the grill’s locking lid. The consumer can lock the lid and then carry the grill by the grill’s handle as if they were carrying a lunch box. That makes it extremely easy for people to take from one place to another.

If there’s one problem that we foresee our readers having with this grill, it’s the fact that it only uses 1-pound propane tanks. The type of tanks that can be found in the camping department of a local store. If the consumer wants to hook this grill up to an RV propane line, or even up to a 20-pound tank, then they’re going to have to purchase an adapter separately.

– It has 146 square-inches of cooking space.
– It works with 1-pound propane tanks.
– It only weighs 10-pounds.

– An adaptor is needed to hook it up to a 20-pound tank.

Also Consider: Martin Portable BBQ Gas Grill

Another small gas grill that we enjoyed very much was this one from Martin. This is another grill that needs to be placed on a table in order for it to be used, but at least it has small legs that make it quite stable. This model is approximately 24x14x16.5-inches and weighs around 20-pounds. That makes it portable enough to be taken anywhere.

Under the lid of this grill—a lid that has a nice handle and built-in thermometer—the consumer will find a u-shape burner that provides 14,000 BTUs/Hour of power. On top of this burner, the consumer will then find a large porcelain-coated cooking grid and a warming rack that together provides 354 square-inches of cooking and warming space. The cooking area is around 240 square inches while the warming rack makes up the rest of the space.

This portable grill with a brushed stainless-steel cover also features adjustable cooking temperature and a Piezo ignition system. This model’s support legs can also be folded up, so it’s easy to take on the road for tailgates or grilling in the park.

This product is designed to be used with 1-pound propane tanks, so consumers should keep that in mind. We do believe that they sell an adapter that can be used so that 5-pound or 20-pound tanks can be used with it, but the consumer is going to have to investigate that themselves.

Additional features that can be found on this grill include a durable front handle for opening its lid, two heavy-duty side handles that can be used to carry the grill, a low-pressure adjustable regulator, and a grease-pan that allows for easy cleanups. We think that these features, as well as the other features we’ve listed, will push this ahead of many other of the small gas grills being sold nowadays. We sure thought that it was a great model worth considering.

– It provides 354 square-inches of cooking space.
– It has 14,000 BTU/Hr. of power.
– It has an adjustable temperature dial.

– It costs more than most portable grills.

A Guide To Small Gas Grills

As we reviewed some of the best small gas grills we tried to present to our readers a good variety of different grills so they weren’t forced into just considering just one small grill. However, as is the case with most of our reviews and guides, it’s not possible to list all of the products that we like at one go and that’s why we’ve decided to write this guide. It’s our hope that this guide will help our readers know what to look for when buying one of these grills, so they don’t have to depend on anyone else’s opinions on the subject. 

First Step: Size Matters

One of the first things that our readers are going to want to think about is the size of the grill. And we’re not just talking about the size of the cooking grate—even though we are—but also the size of the exterior of the grill. The consumer should make sure it’s large enough to be useful, but not so large that it wastes space or isn’t economical to run. There’s no reason to run 5 burners each operating at 10,000 BTUs when 1 or 2 burners is good enough to do all of the cooking. The size of the grate will determine how much food can be cooked on the grill. For the average person, a 225-250 square-inches cooking surface is enough to cook about 12 burgers. 

Second Step: Consider The Grate Construction

It’s also important for the consumer to think about the construction of the grate. BBQ grates are either porcelain-coated cast-iron, porcelain-coated steel, uncoated cast-iron, stainless-steel, or plated steel grids. Let’s examine each type of grate independently to see what they’re good for and how well they hold up to regular use. 

Porcelain-Coated Cast Iron

These grates are probably the most durable of all the grate types. They last longer than other grates, retain heat extremely well, and are easy to clean. The downside of these grates is that they tend to be heavier and are usually only found on more expensive gas grills.

Porcelain-Coated Steel

Porcelain-coated steel is also good for nonstick cooking, and are easy to clean. They also tend to be lighter than porcelain-coated or porcelain-coated cast iron. The problem with these grates is that the porcelain can chip off and then the steel can begin to rust. This usually only happens if the consumer doesn’t take care of the grill, however.

Uncoated Cast-Iron

Uncoated cast-iron is also a very durable material for BBQ grates. As is the case with coated cast-iron, uncoated cast-iron retains heat very well and is durable. However, they have to be properly maintained to prevent them from rusting. They also have to be cured before they’re used. Fortunately, we haven’t seen too many uncoated cast-iron grates on small gas grills. Most of them are found on much larger grills. 


Stainless steel grates are easy-to-use, but they’re not the highest quality available. Food tends to stick to them and some of them are not very durable. 

Plated Steel

The lowest quality grates are usually made with plated steel. The main advantage of these grates is that they’re inexpensive—which is why they’re found in many low-end grills. Over time, the plating does come off these grates, which allows them to rust. Fortunately, they’re cheap enough that most consumers can just buy a replacement if they do fail. 

Third Step: Let’s Talk Additional Features

It’s also a good idea for the consumer to think about some of the features they need their small gas grill to have. Features that can help make the grill easier to use, allow it to be more versatile, or simply help it do the basic job it’s designed to do—grill your food. Below are some of the features that consumers might want to consider when they’re purchasing a new small gas grill for their home. 

  • Built-In Thermometer
  • Fold-Up Legs
  • Removable Grease Pan
  • Electric or Electronic Ignition System
  • A Locking Lid

In Conclusion…

And that’s about everything there is to find the best small gas grill for your needs. Anyone who follows this guide should have no problem finding a grill that they can use for tailgates, backyard barbecues, or grilling in the park. Although these grills might be small, they do an excellent job of grilling and are the perfect tools for people who want a dependable, portable grill that isn’t too big. We know that we found all of the ones we’ve reviewed to be worthy models that any consumer would be happy to own. 

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